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Why FJ?

FJ is a highly accomplished Executive Coach, with a wealth of experience supporting blue chip organisations within the financial services industry.

FJ commenced her journey at UBS in London, leading the company-wide contract recruitment division. From there, she moved to Barclays Wealth International, overseeing both UAE and Singapore recruitment. Her skill and passion for coaching became truly apparent at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest and largest insurance market, renowned for their HR operations. Whilst there, FJ, along with her team, redefined the company recruitment process for both experienced hires and graduate schemes. The team reported directly to the CHRO and CEO and was responsible for presenting ideas to industry leaders who in turn, advised the UK Government.

This led FJ to begin her own HR consultancy and coaching practice, Clearview With FJ. Corporate clients have included some of the world’s most highly recognised and reputable organisations including GE Capital, Thompson Reuters, Ariel Reinsurance, BlackRock Asset Management and PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also took on the role of Executive Career Coach at the world-acclaimed London School of Economics.

With over 20 years’ experience in the HR and recruitment industry, FJ has mastered the skill of behavioural profiling. Her experience and exposure to date has repeatedly demonstrated that our career decisions are largely based on our experiences as children. For this reason, when working with students and young adults, FJ’s emphasis is on their environment, focusing on their individual desires, fears, peers, siblings and family, in order to truly understand their triggers, challenges and drives.

FJ's Story

FJ discovered first-hand the importance of forward planning, when mapping out your career path. In her final year of school, illness impeded her studies and at the tender age of 17, all childhood aspirations and hopes for the future seemed to be falling apart. Whilst the support and encouragement from her family was unrelenting, support from her school was not forthcoming and the knowledge and resources to explore opportunities and options outside a conventional career path, were simply not readily available.

FJ, however, refused to settle. Her innate ambition, resilience, work ethic and determination enabled her to forge her own career path, resulting in being one of the most successful and respected women in her industry today. She believed in herself to fulfil her own potential and now, believes in others, to fulfil theirs.

This challenging start shaped her into the person she is today, with a business dedicated to facilitating, supporting, coaching and enabling the career ambitions of others. It all comes down to creating a clear view. It’s all in the name!

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          What Others Say About Us

          • “Having 2 grown up children, it has been really useful to have FJ coach them at these important stages of their education / sports development. On the one hand, she has shown our son how to prepare, plan and portray the best image of himself in an interview, and how to be more confident with his responses. This was also clear to see in his personal statements for his University applications as well, resulting in good offers. FJ’s easy-going manner, coupled with the confidential nature of the discussions, allowed our daughter to identify and overcome her issues FJ has shown them how to believe in themselves, and how to be the best they can be!! Thank you FJ”

            Mr & Mrs Wilkinson

            London, UK
          • “I have worked with FJ to provide professional, leadership and business style coaching to Post 16 students. I found her manner friendly, her training sessions informative and entertaining and the students gained an understanding of skills and techniques they may not get exposure to until they are in full time employment. The value added was tremendous.”

            Rowan Arnott, Careers Head

            Gems Wellington School, UAE
          • “FJ coached me to improve my mindset in certain aspects of my golf game. She coached me to be more confident both before and during competitions, allowing me to play more to my potential. She has also taught me how to cope with my emotions while I am playing, letting go of the negative mood after a bad shot and treating the next shot as a new / separate opportunity. FJ is so easy to talk to, and knowing our sessions were confidential has definitely helped me to understand and overcome the issues I was experiencing.“

            Jaya, Student

            Aspiring golf pro, UK
          • “When FJ was first introduced to me in the event, she conducted at GEMS, and I was blown away by the knowledge and the lessons she had for me and the rest of the lot. The way she delivered her presentation was amazing; FJ was really easy to follow, approachable and made us feel as we were part of the presentation. One of the main benefits from that session was that I think it really prepped me for the future and gave me an insight into the business and professional world. Overall, the entire experience was one of a kind and was really special, and I would recommend FJ for all professional coaching.“

            Aryan, Student

            GEMS, UAE
          • “FJ provided coaching to prepare for my entrance interview for Cranleigh School for my A Level studies as well as for my university applications. This covered all aspects of an interview and included preparation for the type of questions that may come up, and possible answers. She showed me how to be more confident with my responses and in the interview in general, as well as how to be more relaxed both before and during the interview. FJ also guided me on how to create my personal statement for my university applications. She has shown me how to be positive about myself and how to remain calm in more pressurised situations.”

            Louis, Student

            Cranleigh Boarding School, UK
          • “River has worked with FJ for many years as both a 1-2-1 coach and to deliver training for our team as a whole to help us work together more effectively. The training FJ has delivered to date has been integral to how we understand how one another works in order to better understand each other’s personality types and working habits to become a higher performing team. FJ’s style is interesting as it’s very thought provoking. We often come to her with ideas of what we think we want delivering but her line of questioning has so far brought us to a much more interesting criteria for our training days, she is great at questioning you in a way to get you to think about things in a different way which is extremely helpful with the team. We come out of her training days feeling positive, refreshed and like more of a close-knit team.”

            Jamie Stokes, CEO

            The Riverpartnership, UK
          • “We wanted a workshop to help our employees (and us) with their mind set. FJ delivered so much more! We covered all areas and concerns that WFH can bring! The guilt, how to structure your day, body geography, communication, ownership and so much more. It was a lot of fun and every single Morgan Spencer team member loved it!! Some great practical tips they have put into place, even though we’re all WFH at the moment this workshop has actually brought us all closer together. I can’t recommend FJ enough!! ”

            Julie Jones, Director

            Morgan Spencer, UK