Frequently Asked Question

Our coaching sessions are designed to last for an hour at the least. However, should the client like to engage us for longer durations then this can be agreed upon at what is referred to as the ‘Chemistry Session’. Even though there is no “minimum” length of time for these sessions, we recommend a minimum of three sessions are held to enable movement within a client’s mindset and approach to challenges they are facing.  Sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis.

A ‘Chemistry Session’ is designed specifically to understand the chemistry between the coach and the client. With the aim to justify the client’s investment of time and money to find the right coach and the coach’s goal of finding the right client we make sure these ‘Chemistry Sessions’ are available at no charge to the client.

The answer is no. Coaching sessions are designed to assist clients untangle their concerns associated with a ‘problem’ by looking at things from a different perspective. We coach our clients through a series of exercises that support them with designing a thorough way forward action plan towards achieving the planned goals successfully without the fear of being judged.

Our coaching sessions are no different from that of a sports coach. We put in the same amount of dedication and passion that one sees in a sports coach, because we are equally dedicated towards pushing our clients to perform at their very best and supporting them with tools and techniques to handle roadblocks, whether it be in the boardroom or the classroom.

Coaching is very much applicable to individuals and groups alike. Our team is capable of designing special group coaching sessions that can support the groups as a single unit, as well as the individuals within the group.

Yes. We conduct a progress review with our clients in every third session to better understand what is working well for the client, what are the gaps that still need to be addressed and how much more the client can be pushed to achieve the desired end goal. It is during these review sessions that client can decide to either eliminate the coaching sessions or opt to continue the consultation for a period of time that they see fit.

All client sessions are bound by confidentiality.

A location will be chosen to fit the ease of the client i.e. if a client has an office our coach will come to the office premises, if convenient for the client. If the client is of school age then the sessions can be held at home in the presence of the parent’s, if they so desire.  If the client would like to meet at an offsite location this can easily be set up also. 

Prices are available upon request. Please reach out to us on info@wordpress-624840-2262661.cloudwaysapps.com for more information.