Let Your Corporate Journey Begin

  • Let Your Corporate Journey Begin

Let Your Corporate Journey Begin

Giving you the tools and techniques to support you on your corporate journey.

Your studies are complete and your future is in your hands. It’s a daunting prospect, navigating this completely unfamiliar territory. Whether you have chosen the corporate, medical, NGO or an alternative route, we give you the tools and life hacks, to support and facilitate your journey. We support you as you complete your application and progress through graduate assessment centres. We help you to present with confidence and deal with day-to-day interactions with credibility and professionalism. We empower you to make the right decisions, with certainty and conviction and we enable you to appear like a seasoned professional rather than the new kid on the block.

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Professional Interpersonal Advanced Social
Career Coaching Empowerment Coaching Playing the Corporate Game LinkedIn Profile Design
CV Writing / Coaching Financial Planning Project Management Training / Juggling Stakeholder Management Social Media Training and Review
Professional Interview Coaching Dress for Success (interview) Elevator Pitch Coaching
Assessment Centre Training Flexibility Presentation Coaching
Job Search Resilience Art of Networking
Case Study Training